Arabic Alphabet SNAP – Learn Cursive Forms


Ultimate Arabic Alphabet SNAP pack, Learn the Arabic letters in all their forms. Includes Make-A-Word cards and three Posters.

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Arabic Alphabet Snap – Learn Cursive Forms

By Tarbiyah Islamiyyah

Help your child learn their Alif to Yaa in all their forms while playing a fun card game. The game cards are smartly designed to be and larger in size making them visually stand out. They can be used in multiple ways, you can play Arabic Alphabet Snap, Go Fish, Pick-a-Pair and Find My Letter Matching Game. 

Your child will love this addition to his/her Arabic learning resources.

The cards can also be used as supporting teaching manipulative, to reinforce the arrangement of letters in their isolated, start, middle and end forms by joining up the side of the cards. They are a great addition to your classroom to engage your child to build reading skills.

Did you know the Arabic Alphabet has 28 letters but has 112 variations depending the letter’s placement in the word? 

Arabic Alphabet Snap – Learn All Cursive Forms teaches all the varying letter shapes, using helpful character graphics that indicate where the letter joins.  The aim of this game is to familiarize your child with a letter and its other 3 forms. By recognizing the letters, your child will become better at decoding letters in words and will confidently identify them with ease. 

Decoding the Arabic letters is the preliminary step before actual reading with vowels. It is the process of saying each individual letter when written in a word. Using the name of the letter and its phonectical sound.

I have included 3 separate posters that can be used to keep referring back to, when your child get’s stuck on the letter name or sound. 

The 112 Arabic Alphabet Snap flashcards are large in size. They can also be used to learn how to trace and write.

An additional exercise you can do with your child is to trace the letter using their index and middle fingers to further familiarize themself with the shape of each letter. Giving emphasis to the name and sound of the letter as they are tracing it. Then get them to copy the letters in their handwriting book.

I recommend after completing this stage to move onto the Yellow Series Montessori Inspired Arabic Reading Pack Step 1.  You can alternatively check out my shop page to find out more about my complete Arabic Reading Packs. They are digital downloads and readily available to all countries. 

Please allow 24 hours to receive your digital download.

Your Digital Download will include:

112 Large Flashcards 92mm x 135mm

28 A4 pages: 4 Flashcards per page.

40 Make-A-Word cards

1 x A4 My Arabic Alphabet Poster – Name of Letters

1 x A4 My Arabic Alphabet Poster – Sound of Letters

1 x A4 Arabic Cursive Forms

Print and Laminate for durability.



If you are looking for an additional Arabic workbook that would compliment this series please go check out Teach Your Child to Read Arabic in 10 easy Lessons . This is available as a paperback book on many Amazon stores. See below for UK and US links.

Amazon United Kingdom – CLICK HERE
Amazon United States – CLICK HERE


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