Pink Series Montessori Inspired Arabic Reading Pack Step 2


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Pink Series Montessori Inspired Arabic Reading Pack. Learn to read with harakaat (short vowels) and tanween (double vowels).

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Pink Series Montessori Inspired Arabic Reading Pack Step 2

Arabic Step-by-Step

By Tarbiyah Islamiyyah

This a download is for the Montessori inspired  Pink Arabic Reading Series Pack. Ideal resource for classrooms, homeschoolers and/or madrasahs.

This pack includes 90 pictures and word matching flashcards. All artwork are illustrated vectors, word cards are written in a large easy-to-read Arabic font. If your child loves to play and learn, these picture and word matching cards are a perfect sensorial activity.  Giving plenty of practice to decode words with short vowels and double vowels.


Pink Series Sort and Match Flashcards is the second step in your child’s journey to read Arabic. They are meant to be used after mastering the Yellow Series. Once your child has mastered the Arabic alphabet in all its cursive forms; isolated, start, middle and end and he/she is able to confidently identify each letter in any given word using their letter name and phonectical sound. Then, he/she s ready to move onto the next stage, the Montessori-Inspired Arabic Pink Series Flashcards. 


This flashcard set is a hands-on activity your child with love to use over and over again. Giving him/her plenty of practice to sort and basic common words with their picture. Improving vocabulary and memory word-picture recognition skills.

This Pink Series Montessori Inspired Arabic Reading Pack also includes 6 revision cards and flashcards with the fatha, kasra, damma, tanween fatha, tanween kasra and tanween damma. Please refer to the picture gallery. They offer additional practice for learners who thrive off a hands on approach. 

I have included helpful graphics of the mouth phoneme on every individual card. They illustrate the position of the mouth when reading the three vowels; Fatha, Kasra or Dammah. Making the /a/e/u/ sounds. Use these graphic with your child, so they can apply these visual aids into legible sounds.

Six large revision cards, have also been included. These are quick reference cards for your child to help aid their progress in reading the first words. 

A good program introduces actual reading early on. In the Pink Series your child will read their first words. Using the three vowels and the double vowels, they are called the harakaat and tanween in the Arabic language. These are the first six diacritical marks introduced to your child. They are not part of the alphabet, but they are essential symbols. They are the markings found on top or below the letter. The vowels are the very life of words giving its vocalization and articulation to the language.

When your child has completed the Pink Series Montessori Inspired Arabic Reading Pack the next the step is the Blue Series, step 3. Here, he/she will learn how to read with the long vowels, this is called madd in Arabic. 


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Product Description

Digital Download Pack:

  1. 15 A4 pages PDF of 90 Sort and Match Picture and Word Flashcards (90mm x 65mm)
  2. 6 A4 pages PDF of 6 Revision Cards with harakaat and tanween for each letter (187mm by 136mm). 
  3. Plus 2 Reference Cards for the Mouth Phonemes for the harakaat and tanween mouth positions (187mm by 136mm).
  4. 23 A4 Pages PDF of 160 Flashcards for Fatha, Damma, Kasra, Fathatayn, Dammatayn and Kasratayn for  individual letters

Requirements: Colour Printer, Laminator, 

If you are looking for an additional Arabic workbook that would compliment this series please go check out Teach Your Child to Read Arabic in 10 easy Lessons .

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