Teach Your Child To Read Arabic in 10 Easy Lessons

A complete curriculum of activities and exercises to teach your child how to read Arabic as a second language.

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Welcome to the wonderful world of the Arabic language. 

Dive into Montessori inspired exercises, engaging activities, challenges, and games in every lesson. A super-fun way to learn Arabic as a second language. An innovative visual approach combines colourful illustrations and useful Arabic vocabulary.
Learn easily and systematically. Teach your child to become a reading pro.

“Teach Your Child to Read Arabic in 10 Easy Lessons” provides an abundance of practice activities and exercises, giving them repeated exposure for teaching the core skills needed for reading and writing Arabic. 

This book covers the complete Arabic alphabet in all its forms, and all the rules necessary to read any word in Arabic.

Throughout each lesson, the young learner is encouraged to memorize Arabic vocabulary to common everyday words. As the reader acquires a larger bank of words, over time he/she is able to read words quickly with accuracy and ease. This automaticity with words, in turn, leads to even greater gains because as word recognition skills expand, so will comprehension. 

This is the ultimate goal of reading fluency in Arabic as a second language.

 The structure of the book systematically introduces and reinforces each lesson with tons and tons of practice, reading exercises, writing activities, games and memory challenges. Every page is presented with vibrant colours, engaging illustrations and meaningful words you can to your Arabic vocabulary. 

So, you can teach your child to read Arabic, with meaning. 

For the parent. Instructions and a parent guide has been included in the book. 

Visual aids have been added to help explain some of the unique elements of the Arabic language. Helping the learner to complete each lesson successfully.

A useful transliteration table has also been included at the end of the book to use as a reference if you need extra help. 

There are also additional handwriting pages to improve your writing skills. An Answer key and many more useful things to aid the process.

Currently available only on Amazon (see the links below to purchase your copy). But, I am in the progress of selling it directly from my website in the near future. Watch this space. Alternatively follow me on my instagram page for regular updates. 

Teach Your Child to Read Arabic in 10 Easy lessons 2nd Edition is NOW available on Amazon. Click the link below for your Amazon marketplace.


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Product details

  • Format: Paperback
  • Publisher: Tarbiyah Islamiyyah
  • Author: Umm Sumayyah Quan


  • Language: English and Arabic
  • ISBN: 978-1-999 310 8 -1- 3
  • Pages: 216


  • Recommended Level: Beginner
  • Recommended Age: 7 +
You can read some reviews and testimonials of my first edition, just scroll to the bottom of my home page here. 
If you loved my book and want others to hear about it and benefit from it. Then I would love to hear your thoughts, your review counts and would mean so much to me to help me tremendously in getting my book known and heard. You can add your review of the second edition of my book in the review tab above.
If by any chance, my book isn’t available in your country. You can check out my Montessori-Inspired Arabic Reading series Packs. They are complimentary with Teach Your Child to Read Arabic in 10 Easy Lessons, in fact many of the vocabulary and illustrations used in the packs are taken from the book.
It starts from the Yellow – to – Pink – to – Blue – to – Purple – to – Green Series. Click on any colour to read more about the packs.
Tarbiyah Islamiyyah

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