5 Hands On Activities to Teach the Letter Daal | Arabic Alphabet Craft and Inspo

5 Hands On Activities to Teach the Letter Daal | Arabic Alphabet Craft and Inspo

Letter of the day is Daal for Deek (Cockrel/Rooster). 

دَالٌ دِيك، حَسَنُ الصَّوْت
Daalun deek, ḥasanu aṣawt
Daal is for rooster that has a good voice
قَامَ يُؤَذِّنُ فَوْقَ البَيْت
qaama yu’athinu fawqa albayt
it got up to make athaan on the rooftop

Arabic Alphabet letters. Daal is for Deek

(From the popular Alifun Arnab song)

When using the Arabic Alphabet Snap cards my little one asked why does daal not join? The cards allow her to be observant and highlight things she may not understand but notices. So I explained to her that Daal is one of the six non-joiners. They only like to hold hands with whoever is on their right but not their left.

Here are 5 ways to teach the letter Daal

1. Make a cardboard Craft of a Cockrel.

Cockrel, rooster, chicken cardboard craft art DIY

2. Get Tracing!

 Using our Arabic Write & Wipe letter cards. Have your child trace the letter as many times as they need to to perfect their handwriting for the letter Daal. 

Arabic handwriting practice

3. Keep sake book for all your paper crafts for the letter Daal.

Here we used torn up paper, crayons, felt tips to make our DIY book. Instead of making a picture and displaying it on the fridge we thought of making a keep sake to use and look through for years to come. Making it more valuable and sentimental. 

Letter daal arabic alphabet

4. Learn the order and letters in a word.

This helps decode letters as they appear in a word. Since each letter takes a different shape when placed in a word. Using my Arabic Letters Snap card game we would rearrange the letters to form a word. 

Arabic Alphabet Snap

letter daal arabic alphabet


5. Lastly we would use a sand tray and do finger tracing. 

This sensorial activity is great for kids who love to get messy and love texture. But need structure and guidance in their play. Here we trace the letter in the sand and use pebbles to create the letter on the sand.

sand tray


 5 hands on activities to learn the arabic alphabet

 Umm Sumayyah Quan

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