5 Activity Ideas for the Arabic Alphabet | Letter Haa

5 Activity Ideas for the Arabic Alphabet | Letter Haa

This is one craft my 4 year old was looking forward to. We originally planned filming non-stop motion lego movie. But my older two were in the middle of building a city, and all the black pieces were used up. So, you know how possessive kids can be with their toys.

So, our plan B was what you see in the picture. A beautiful painting to represent part of Hajj. The stillness of the Ka’ba and the vibrancy of the colours represent the vibe during hajj when all people from different backgrounds, nationalities, colours and languages from all corners of the world gather for one purpose, to fulfil the 5th pillar of Islam and seek forgiveness from their Lord uniting under the banner of Islam. The dashes on the painting represent the movement of people in tawaf and gives the effect of the constant worship performed at the sacred masjid.

Learning this letter was made a bit easier after reading my made up story on Jeem, Haa and Khaa the 3 big brother letters. It could've been over a year since I last read the story but she remembers it so well mashallah.

Because she knew the letter, we focused more on her writing skills and the varying forms of Haa. Simply by using an off cut of a laminating sheet and using it to trace over our Arabic Alphabet Snap cards. She really loved how neat her handwriting turned out.


Here are some Ideas to teach the letter Haa

1. Get Artsy,

A kaleidoscope of colors

With a palette of rich and vibrant hues, we set out to bring our vision to life. Each brushstroke was a deliberate act, carefully blending colors to create a harmonious composition. The canvas became a reflection of the kaleidoscope of cultures, languages, and backgrounds that converge during Hajj.

The vibrant reds symbolized the passion and devotion of the pilgrims, while the deep blues represented the tranquility and serenity that envelops the holy city of Mecca. Splashes of gold and green added a touch of opulence, reminiscent of the regal attire worn by the pilgrims as they embark on this sacred journey.

Haa is for Hajj, Arabic alphabet

Haa is for Hajj, arabic alphabet

Haa is for Hajj

Here is an inspired design based on our craft.

2. Handwriting Practice

I also introduced my Arabic Handwriting workbook. As she's improving on her writing skills she doesn't mind a bit more practice.

Arabic Handwriting practice

I no longer have title in stock on my website but it is available on my Amazon page 

However I do have a digital alternative that would be great for absolute beginners, you can check that out for my Alif to Yaa Arabic Handwriting practice workbook

3. Make a DIY keepsake book

Arabic letters, arabic alphabet crafts ideas

We loved our craft so much, we decided to use it for our keepsake book. 

4. We used our hands on Arabic Alphabet Snap cards to learn the varying shapes for Haa. The beginning, middle, and end shapes. 

5. A follow on from idea number 4. We used a laminate sheet to trace over our letter cards. 

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