How to teach Arabic the Montessori Way?

How to teach Arabic the Montessori Way?

Yes!! you heard that correctly. There’s a way to teach your child how to read Arabic following the Montessori program. Or should I say, Montessori-esque.

With our flagship program, we have designed the Montessori-Inspired Sort and Match picture and word coloured-coded cards into 5 stages of reading; Yellow, Pink, Blue, Purple and the Green Series. They take you from the Arabic alphabet to being able to read any word/words in Arabic. Check out the guide below to see how.

In this course, your child will not only learn how to read Arabic progressively. But, he/she will build their vocabulary, learning new words with their meaning and gain understanding as they move forward. Children, truly learn best when they are engaged with the language. 

The workbook is the essential piece to the puzzle in unifying the language together. This Workbook has been prepared exclusively for our Montessori-Inspired Arabic reading packs. 

Supplementary worksheets, activity pages, additional reading exercises and quizzes have all been created to be used in conjunction with the Yellow, Pink, Blue, Purple and Green Series. Offering over 90 pages to support your child’s journey. Each worksheet has been colour coded to reference each Reading Pack Series. 

For an optimal learning experience, the workbook should absolutely be used alongside the Sort and Match Picture and Word Cards. 

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