Letter Alif Flipbook FREEBIE!

Letter Alif Flipbook FREEBIE!

My little one has just finished her first semester at her school. Where Arabic is the main spoken language and English is taught as a second language. This break is a perfect time to catch up on all the vocab learned over these few weeks she's been attending school.

So, I made this Letter Alif Flipbook for her!

 Letter Alif Flipbook, Arabic Letters worksheet free


Multiple Skills

What makes this flipbook so great and practical is that there are multiple skills involved. Colouring, cutting, sorting and stapling are all skills she is currently working on and age appropriate for 4 to 6 year olds.

 Free Arabic alphabet printable


Letter Recognition

To help review or introduce letter recognition, I’ve included only the isolated form of the letter, in large font.  Your child can colour the letters to help with pencil grip, and they are able to associate pictures with the letters.



I like to teach letter tracing. It’s a skill that doesn’t hurt to touch on at this age. Of course, my little one likes to just colour the whole letter in her favourite colours, pink and purple. It’s probably her favourite part of the whole activity!

 Free Arabic alphabet printable

Initial Sounds

At 6 years old we are past the stage of identifying letters. She can now read since using my book Teach Your Child how to Read Arabic in 10 Easy Lessons last year. Which has unfortunately sold out. But my Arabic Phonics is another excellent alternative that focuses more on the Montessori approach. 

She was able to read the words and associate the words to the target letter. As well as remembering the vocab by looking at the pictures and colouring them in. This was a great opportunity for her to practice on colouring in within the lines. Which she is putting in more effort to do now.

 arabic alphabet free printable worksheet

Arabic alphabet free printable worksheet

Cutting and Stapling

Using scissors is a BIG deal and it makes them feel like a big kid when they do it. Of course, adult supervision is a must for any scissors or stapler activities.


A bonus about this flip book is that they have thick straight lines. No crazy cutting. It's simple and easy to do.  Once the pictures are coloured, your little one can cut out each picture.  Then, they can use the stapler (with your help, of course) and staple their book together.



After the picture and word papers were all cut out then your little one can assemble them to be stapled.

After completing the book, have your little learner add the flipbook to their book box for independent practice or read the book to you or to a friend.

 free arabic alphabet printable


Grab my Letter Alif Flipbook freebie by adding it to your cart, enter your details and get your free INSTANT download!



If you like this and want to grab the whole 28 Arabic letters you can find that resource in my digital downloads shop here.

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