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Tarbiyah Islamiyyah

Arabic Phonics Blue Series Workbook Step 3

Arabic Phonics Blue Series Workbook Step 3

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Introducing "Arabic Phonics Blue Series Montessori Inspired" – Unlocking the Power of Long Vowels for Early Reading Success!

"Arabic Phonics Blue Series Montessori Inspired" is a captivating and comprehensive book that takes your child's reading journey to the next level. Step 3 of our innovative reading program, this book equips young learners with the essential skills to identify and read words containing long vowels, also known as Madd letters.

In this engaging Blue Series, your child will embark on an exciting adventure that focuses on mastering the recognition of the three Madd letters: Alif, Waw, and Yaa. These letters play a vital role in extending the duration of short vowel sounds to two counts, resulting in a longer and more pronounced vowel sound. With this knowledge, your child will gain the ability to decode and read words with confidence.

The "Arabic Phonics Blue Series Montessori Inspired" goes beyond individual letters and introduces simple sentences that challenge and develop your child's reading abilities. Through these carefully crafted sentences, your little one will enhance their reading comprehension skills while exploring the beauty of Arabic language.

Our Montessori-inspired approach ensures an interactive and engaging learning experience, allowing your child to thrive in their Arabic reading journey. Each page of this book offers a vibrant and captivating environment that fosters language development and builds a strong foundation for future learning.

With "Arabic Phonics Blue Series Montessori Inspired," your child will unlock the power of long vowels, expanding their reading skills and building a solid foundation for Arabic literacy. Join us on this transformative reading adventure and witness your child's growth as they blossom into confident readers. Start their journey today and open the doors to a lifelong love of reading!


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