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Tarbiyah Islamiyyah

Arabic Phonics Complete Bundle

Arabic Phonics Complete Bundle

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Give your child an awesome start to the Arabic Language. Using only 5 steps to reading like a pro. Each workbook and card game gives plenty of practice to learn each reading rule there is to know.

Arabic Phonics is a fun and child centred approach to teaching your child how to read and write Arabic.

We want our children to not just be able to read the Quran. But, to go one step further and understand what they are reading. However, many of us start our child's reading journey with only emphasis of applying the reading rules, learning how to read letter by letter, mimicking sounds but not understanding that these sounds make words and these words create sentences. These sentences build a story or teach us something.

This bundle offer the full set to start your Arabic Reading Journey!


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Customer Reviews

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Bibi Ayesha Bismilla
Incredible Series ❤️

We bought this set to keep for when the kids are older, but our 3 year old saw it and couldn’t wait! We’ve started the yellow series very slowly, just a few words a day but she asks to do some every day!

It’s so well put-together, so engaging with all the photos and colours that I really regret not having learnt Arabic like this when I was a child! It’s also so great that the meanings are included so they pick up vocabulary while they’re learning letters.. I’d highly recommend it!

Simple and easy!

I always wondered why isn’t there a simple and easy way to teach my boys Arabic until I used TarbiyahIamiyyah phonic cards. The boys have had unlimited amount of fun with the cards whilst learning. I wish these resources were around when I was learning.

I would Definitely recommend these cards/books to everyone. Every page layout is detailed immaculately with exceptional quality cards.

Looking forward to what you have planned next!

Michaela Miller
An Essential!

This Arabic phonics set is definitely one of a kind. There’s nothing else like it on the market today. Learning how to truly understand & fluently read Arabic is so vital for us Muslims. This bundle helps kids slow down & take the time to really learn the letters and forms which in turn will help them become fluent Arabic readers. This is a must have for kids! The quality of the books and cards is amazing. This set of Arabic phonics has been wonderfully put together.

Awesome Arabic compilation

💚👑♥️الحمد لله♥️👑💚
💚👑♥️الحمد لله♥️👑💚
💚👑♥️الحمد لله♥️👑💚

It’s an excellent set of work
Exactly what I was looking for to enhance the Quraan teaching
Just one feedback from my side personally
Since it is teaching Quraan …. If only the images of people and animals could be substituted completely to objects and items that could be replaced or other arabic words that don’t have people and animals
Even tho the faces have been blurred …. But this is a great disadvantage for selling to most schools and Madrasah’s here in South Africa as many are very strict in regards to this

But I am so in love with it
It is an excellent set of great hard work and planning

🌸🐚🌷ما شاءالله🌷🐚🌸

May Allah bless you with many more efforts as these

I have showed it to the principal where I teach
And he is not for it due to all the pictures 🙈🙈🙈🙈

But the layout and planning is just super and awesome

🔹لا حول و لا قوّة الّا با لله🔹

Tahira Khan

AlhamduLillah after many months of waiting patiently for this bundle, it finally arrived. Not only was I amazed by the quality of the books and card but what stoood out to me was also UmmSumayyah's hardworking that went into every chapter and activity. Another thing for me was first I recieved an empty package and after letting her know with pictures etc she resends my product. I was beyond thankful for this. The phonics book is really eye catching for kids my 3yr old loves it...captivating pictures and colours. Definitely was worth all the waiting!