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Tarbiyah Islamiyyah

Arabic Phonics Yellow Series Workbook - Step 1

Arabic Phonics Yellow Series Workbook - Step 1

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Before vowels enter the scene, this pivotal stage unveils the Arabic alphabet and teaches letter decoding within words. Explore varied letter shapes and forms, from beginnings to middles and ends.

The Yellow Series: the gateway to alphabet reading mastery!


The Arabic Phonics Yellow Series is the most important stage before reading with vowels. Whilst no reading actually takes place. Instead, it focuses on building the necessary skills and knowledge to recognize and understand written words in later stages of reading development.


Your child will learn how to decode letters as they appear in a word. Learning the different shapes of each letter and its varying forms as they come in the beginning, middle or end of a word.

Arabic Phonics..


Decoding is a key skill for learning to read that involves taking apart the sounds in words (segmenting) identifying each letter. It requires both knowledge of letter-sound relationships, as well as an ability to apply that knowledge to successfully identify written words and make meaning later on.


Collect all 5 Arabic Phonics Workbooks to complete the curriculum.


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