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Tarbiyah Islamiyyah

The Arabic Letter's Song Wall Art - Digital Download

The Arabic Letter's Song Wall Art - Digital Download

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This beautifully crafted digital product combines the richness of Arabic letters with the fun and rhythm of the famous Alifun Arnab Song, making language acquisition an enjoyable experience for children.

Key Features:

Educational and Entertaining - Each page features a distinct Arabic letter accompanied by a vibrant illustration and a catchy lyric..

Visual Stimulation: The product includes 28 faceless illustrations, one for each letter of the Arabic alphabet. These eye-catching visuals are thoughtfully designed to stimulate curiosity and enhance comprehension, ensuring an immersive learning experience.

Interactive Learning: The inclusion of lyrics for each letter song encourages interactive learning. Children can sing along, promoting auditory and linguistic development while making the process of learning Arabic enjoyable and memorable.

Versatile Decor Piece: This PDF can be effortlessly transformed into a stunning wall art display. Print and frame your favourite pages to create a vibrant and culturally rich decor piece for your child's room or play area.

Instant Access and Convenience: Delivered in a convenient PDF format, you can enjoy instant access to this engaging resource. Whether you choose to print the entire set or select specific pages, the flexibility of the digital format adapts to your preferences.


Product Specifications 

Digital Download

30 Page A4 PDF



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