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Tarbiyah Islamiyyah

Early Arabic Readers - In the Sky

Early Arabic Readers - In the Sky

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Read with ease. "In the Sky" (في السماء) is a captivating bilingual book designed for early readers in Arabic.

Venture through the clouds and soar to new heights as you embark on a bilingual adventure. Delve into the wondrous world of the sky, where fluffy clouds drift lazily and radiant sunbeams illuminate the Earth below. With vibrant illustrations and simple yet engaging text,

"In the Sky" introduces young readers to a myriad of celestial wonders. From graceful birds soaring with the wind to colorful kites dancing against the azure backdrop, this book sparks imaginations and invites readers to explore the beauty and majesty of the sky. Through its bilingual format, readers will effortlessly enhance their Arabic language skills while discovering the universal joy found within the pages.

Come, join us on a linguistic and visual journey, where the sky is the gateway to endless possibilities!

Collect the full Early Arabic Readers set to help develop fluency in reading.
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