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Tarbiyah Islamiyyah

Green Series - Arabic Phonic Card Game

Green Series - Arabic Phonic Card Game

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An Montessori-Inspired Approach to learning.

Arabic Step-by-Step

Step 5 - Green Series

Advancing on! Take the final leap in your child's reading journey with the "Arabic Phonics Green Series: Mastering Reading with Shaddah." This Series focuses on doubling the letter. Do not let the symbol deter your child; if they have mastered the Pink, Blue and Purple Series. Your child has mastered the fundamentals of reading. Shaddah is simply the repetition of what has already been learned. Shaddah means to strengthen the letter by doubling it. So instead of the letter written twice, it is written once with a Shaddah symbol. The first of the two letters is assumed with sukoon and the second is said with the vowel written above or below the Shaddah symbol.

In this last step they only one new symbol.

The Green Series is a consolidation of everything that your child has learned in the Arabic Phonics reading Program. They can now read any Arabic word and move onto Arabic Early Readers Books. Congratulations. You did it!

This card game is a hands-on activity your child with love to use over and over again. Providing practical based learning, and multi-sensorial stimulation, specifically designed for kinesthetic learners. Combined with the Arabic Phonics workbooks our program provides a holistic learning experience. Yielding information that will better stick to memory.

The Aims and Objectives of the Green Series

  • Learn to read with Shaddah.
  • Learn 2 to 5 letter words

Product Specifications

  • Format: Table Top Game
  • Tuck box size : 133x95x25.5mm
  • Card Size: 63.5x88.9mm
  • Game Contents: 100 Cards, 1 Instructional Manual
  • Author and Illustrator: Umm Sumayyah Quan
  • Publisher: Tarbiyah Islamiyyah
  • EAN/UPC: 950-2611-647-250


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