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Pink Series Let's Read - Reading Cards

Pink Series Let's Read - Reading Cards

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Our Pink Series Reading Cards – is an innovative digital download designed for young learners on their journey to reading fluency. With 36 crafted cards, this resource focuses on the essential skill of segmenting words into individual letters. Sometimes it's easier for the child to see a letter by letter instead of a complete word in a bold, squished and bulky font. 


Key Features:

Strategic Segmentation: The Pink Series Reading Cards are strategically designed to aid in the segmentation of words. Each card isolates a specific word, allowing children to break it down letter by letter. This targeted approach accelerates the development of reading skills, promoting both accuracy and confidence.

Phonetic Mastery: The Pink Series focuses on the harakaat (vowels), reinforcing the connection between letters and their corresponding sounds. This enhances a child's ability to decode words, a crucial step towards becoming a proficient reader.

Versatile Learning Tool: Whether used in a classroom setting or at home, these digital reading cards offer flexibility. Print them out for tangible, hands-on learning, or utilize the digital format for on-the-go practice. The versatility ensures that learning can happen anywhere and anytime.

Progressive Difficulty: The Pink Series Reading Cards are designed with a progressive difficulty curve. Starting with simple 3-letter-words the cards gradually introduce more complex combinations, providing a structured and gradual advancement in reading skills.

Digital Download Convenience: Instantly access the Pink Series Reading Cards through our digital download. The convenience of a downloadable PDF allows you to print as many copies as needed, ensuring a continuous and personalized learning experience for your child.


Product Specifications 

Digital Download

21 Page A4 PDF 

includes 36 reading cards

Print, Laminate and Cut


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